Monday, October 27, 2014

Custom Order Combination

This is a local custom order for a combination of items.  This was a fun project because I got to resurrect the Barbara Pouchette that I don't make very often.  I also learned how to make a pillowcase using the 'burrito method'.  And the x-large Stephanie Satchel was a challenge due to the 2 different types of vinyl used... but it turned out beautifully!

Stephanie Satchel (12x12)
This is a variation of my Stephanie Satchel but in a bigger size and a vinyl window added to the backside.

Stephanie Satchel (MEDIUM)
Girl Power!

Barbara Pouchettes (4x8)

Barbara Pouchette (9x7)

Marvel Standard Pillow

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Special Thank You To My First Etsy Buyer From Sweden

Just wanted to send a big ‘Thank you!’ to my first-ever Etsy buyer from Uddevalla Sweden. I love it that my handmade creations have made it all the way to Sweden!

The 'Calling All Nurses - Heart Monitor' has been my most popular seller!  Sadly, this is the last bag with this fabric unless I can find the fabric online somewhere.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Custom Order - Bertha Satchel

I resurrected the 'Bertha Satchel' for a special client here in Austin. This bag is very roomy [15"(w) x 15"(h)] with thick vinyl on both sides which makes it a very sturdy bag for this Sunday school teacher. No visible seams!